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Dinky 902 Foden Flat Truck

Dinky 902 Foden Flat Truck

Ref: 33021

Good, Box Good

Price: 135.00


This classic 8-wheel Dinky heavy lorry has an orange cab and chassis and mid green flatbed. The type 2 Foden cab has silver trim to the grille, headlights and bumper, and a mottled tinplate base. At the rear is a tow hook painted in chassis colour, and a spare tyre. One of the rear mudguards has a 20 MPH speed limit sign - this was the maximum speed for goods vehicles in the UK until 1957. The wheels have mid green Supertoys hubs with black treaded tyres.

This nice original example is in good-to-excellent condition. There is a paint chip on the corner of the cab roof as well as a few other small marks; there are some chips on the fuel tank and the edges of the rear mudguards. The tyres are original and in excellent condition, and the axles and base are rust-free. The lidded striped 'Supertoys' box is also original and in reasonably good condition although the lid is split along the edges at one corner.

Length: 188mm.
Approx Years: 1954 - 1957
Model Condition: Good, Box Good
Shipping Weight: 446g

902 Foden Flat Truck

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