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Dinky 942 Foden 14 Ton Tanker 'REGENT'

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Dinky 942 Foden 14 Ton Tanker 'REGENT'

Ref: 34823

Good, Box Good

Price: 148.00

This is a classic Dinky! Dark blue Foden 'FG' cab and chassis with silver grille, headlights and bumper. Red, white and blue tank with black filler caps and tinplate ladder and walkway. 'REGENT' on the sides of the tank in gold with black outline. 'Regent' emblem on rear in red, white, blue and black. '20' decal on rear mudguard. Mottled tinplate baseplate. Red 'Supertoy' wheels with black treaded tyres. Spare wheel and tow hook at the rear.

This example has fairly good paintwork in general, but there are two paint chips on the edge of the cab roof, and some others on the mudguards. There is some wear to the white side stripes also. The tyres are excellent and the axles rust free. The model comes in its original lidded 'Supertoys' box which has some general age wear and a small puncture on top of the lid, but no significant splits or tears.

Length: 189mm.
Approx Years: 1955 - 1957
Condition: Good, Box Good
Shipping Weight: 430g

942 Foden 14 Ton Tanker 'REGENT'

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