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Dinky 945 AEC Fuel Tanker 'ESSO'

Dinky 945 AEC Fuel Tanker 'ESSO'

Ref: 32437

Good, Box Poor
Price: 33.75

This articulated tanker is finished in white, with a pale grey chassis and black base. The grille and bumper are silver and jewelled headlights are fitted. This is the scarcer version with a white cab interior (blue is more common). The trailer has 6 grey plastic opening hatches in the catwalk on top of the tank. On each side there is a red rectangular label and two Esso labels in red, white and blue, and there is another Esso label on the rear. The coupling mechanism is released by pressing the brown plastic fuel tank on the side of the tractor chassis, and the jockey wheels, which are the later type with wheels cast in, may be folded down to support the trailer when uncoupled. There are two black flexible hoses clipped to the sides of the trailer, which may be attached to the discharge nozzles. The lorry wheels are silver cast metal with black tyres.

This example is in good condition with very little damage to the paintwork apart from the usual chipping around the coupling, which is hidden when the trailer is attached. The side labels are very good but there is some wear to the rear one. The model comes with its 'bubble' type packaging; the card plinth has some crushing and the plastic bubble is discoloured with splits and holes at one end, and some sticky tape marks.

Length: 268mm.
Approx Years: 1975 - 1977
Model Condition: Good, Box Poor
Shipping Weight: 820g

945 AEC Fuel Tanker 'ESSO'

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