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Dinky 952 Vega Major Luxury Coach

Dinky 952 Vega Major Luxury Coach

Ref: 39734

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Good, box Fair

Price: 45.00

This is a large, imposing model of a 49-seater luxury coach from the 1960s. In light cream with blue interior and maroon and silver side flashes on foil labels. The model has an opening rear luggage compartment and jewelled headlights, but its main claim to fame is the battery-operated flashing indicator lights. As you push the model forward and press down on one side or the other, the front wheels steer and operate a switch to illuminated the indicator bulb on the appropriate side. They are made to flash by a cam on the rear axle which opens and shuts contacts. A mechanical system from before the days of micro electronics and LEDs!

This one is in reasonably good condition with light chipping around the edges. One of the side labels has a little bit missing from the rear end. The four jewelled headlights are present and correct. One of the amber indicator lenses appears to be a replacement as it has a different shape. Nevertheless, the indicator lamp system has been tested and is working, all it needs is an AA battery. It is necessary to press the suspension down firmly though! Some cleaning of contacts may improve operation. The model comes in its original box which has lost an end flap but is otherwise good.

Length: 242mm.
Approx Years: 1964 - 1971
Condition: Good, box Fair
Shipping Weight: 535g

952 Vega Major Luxury Coach

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