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Dinky 954 Vega Major Luxury Coach

Dinky 954 Vega Major Luxury Coach

Ref: 30543

Excellent, Unboxed

Price: 44.00

This big impressive model is in off-white with maroon and silver side flash, silver bumpers and grille, and red rear lights. The interior is deep yellow, and the cast metal base is gloss black. At the front are twin jewelled headlights, while at the rear there is an opening luggage compartment. The wheels are cast metal with black tyres, suspension and fingertip steering. The model has clear glazing including the indicator lenses; note that unlike the earlier model number 952, this version of the Dinky Vega coach does not have operating indicators.

This example is in excellent condition; there are about 5 small paint chips on the raised body lines on the coach sides, and a couple more on the front edge of the roof. A very nice example nevertheless.

Length: 243mm.
Approx Years: 1972 - 1977
Condition: Excellent, Unboxed
Shipping Weight: 654g

954 Vega Major Luxury Coach

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