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Dinky 956 Berliet Turntable Fire Escape

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Dinky 956 Berliet Turntable Fire Escape

Ref: 29266

Excellent. Box Excellent

Price: 120.00

This model was adopted into the British Dinky range catalogue from the French Dinky catalogue, in which it was number 568. This number and 'Echelle Incendie' are cast into the underside.

With metallic red cab and ladder turret, white platform and bright metal ladder. White cab interior, black plastic base and chassis. The ladder and turret are identical to those on the earlier 956 Bedford Fire Escape. The ladder may be raised and lowered by turning a handle, and another handle extends the 2-piece ladder. The turret may also be rotated. Wheels are silver metal, double at the rear, with black tyres.

This example is in excellent condition. There are some small paint chips on the roof which are hidden when the ladder is down and one of the rear hubcaps is missing. The ladder mechanisms work perfectly. The box is excellent and contains instructions for replacing the ladder cord, as well as two cardboard packing rings

With re-stringing leaflet and cardboard and foam packing pieces.

Scale: 1:43
Length: 200mm.
Approx Years: 1970 - 1974
Condition: Excellent. Box Excellent
Shipping Weight: 496g

956 Berliet Turntable Fire Escape

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