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Dinky 963 Blaw Knox Heavy Tractor

Dinky 963 Blaw Knox Heavy Tractor

Ref: 32988

Good, Box Good

Price: 68.25

This large crawler tractor is red with black control levers, exhaust and rollers, and tan cast driver. The tinplate base has a mottled finish and a tow hook is fitted.

This example is in good-to-excellent condition; there are some paint chips around the edges of the engine cover and seat. The green rubber tracks are accurate modern replicas, the originals having hardened and crumbled with age. The lidded Supertoys box is also good-to-excellent; one edge of the lid has a short split in it and there is a small amount of blue crayon or pencil on the top. The price of 7/9 (seven shillings and ninepence) is written on one end. The internal card packing piece is present and correct.

Length: 115mm.
Approx Years: 1954 - 1958
Condition: Good, Box Good
Shipping Weight: 474g

963 Blaw Knox Heavy Tractor

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