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Dinky 980 Coles Hydra 150T Crane Truck

Dinky 980 Coles Hydra 150T Crane Truck

Ref: 37254

Excellent, box Fair

Price: 36.00


This orange version is scarcer than the yellow. It has silver grille, bumper and stabilisers, and black chassis and cab interior. The crane has a 3-part telescopic boom supported by twin 'hydraulic' rams, with elevation controlled by a worm-and-quadrant gear operated from the rear. A second control on the side raises and lowers the metal hook. The crane slews on the chassis through 360 degrees, and there are 'Coles' labels on the rear and the sides of the boom. The chassis has silver metal outrigger stabilisers which may be folded up and down. The rear panel has black and yellow stripes, and at the front is a transit retaining bar for the hook. The cab has a detailed interior and clear windows.

This example is in excellent condition generally, with a few small chips around the edges. Everything works as it should. The window box is generally worn and there is a very small hole in the window.

Length: 217mm.
Approx Years: 1972 - 1979
Condition: Excellent, box Fair
Shipping Weight: 840g

980 Coles Hydra 150T Crane Truck

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