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Dinky 982 Pullmore Car Transporter with Loading Ramp

Dinky 982 Pullmore Car Transporter with Loading Ramp

Ref: 32860

Good, Box Poor

Price: 68.50


An impressive model, this is a post-1954 release renumbered from 582 to 982: the earlier number is cast on the underside. Light blue trailer and cab, grey decks and mid blue wheel hubs. The Bedford tractor unit has a black grille and bumper, with silver trim. The trailer, which is cast in aluminium with four lower deck retaining rivets, has a hinged rear ramp. 'Dinky Toys Delivery Service' lettering in dark blue on the trailer sides and ramp. The model is also supplied with a Dinky 994 (renumbered from 794) upper deck loading ramp in matching light blue tinplate.

A nice original example with a few paint chips here and there; there is an area of paint loss on one rear edge of the cab and a small area of oxidation on the edge of the ramp. The tyres are very good and generally this is a very presentable model. The same cannot be said of the box, unfortunately; it has been exposed to damp at some point, and there is also some graffiti, albeit mainly inside - see pictures.

The 994 loading ramp has some corrosion along its edges. It still has its box but it is stained and has lost its flaps.

Length: 245mm.
Approx Years: 1955 - 1961
Condition: Good, Box Poor
Shipping Weight: 565g

982 Pullmore Car Transporter with Loading Ramp

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