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Dublo Dinky 063 Commer Van

Dublo Dinky 063 Commer Van

Ref: 38247

AUCTION: Started at 58.50, NOW 55.58
Excellent, box Excellent

Price: 55.58

Blue, with silver grille and headlights, and black base. The wheels are the smooth light grey plastic type.

This is a very nice example, near mint with shiny paintwork. There is a slight manufacturing mark on the roof and a paint nick on the gutter. The axles are bright and like new. The box is original and excellent; there is some writing, possibly a price, on one end flap.

Scale: 1:76
Length: 53mm.
Approx Years: 1958 - 1960
Condition: Excellent, box Excellent
Shipping Weight: 50g

063 Commer Van

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