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Dublo Dinky 067 Austin Taxi

Dublo Dinky 067 Austin Taxi

Ref: 35454

Fair, Unboxed

Price: 11.00

Blue lower body, cream upper body. Matt black base and interior, including driver figure with pink face. Silver trim to the grille, bumpers and headlights. 'TAXI' decal on roof sign. Black plastic wheels.

In fair-to-good condition with general paint chipping, particularly on the roof edges. There is a small patch of oxidation above one rear wheel arch. The decal is about 70% intact and the axles are largely rust-free.

Scale: 1:76
Length: 60mm.
Approx Years: 1959 - 1964
Condition: Fair, Unboxed
Shipping Weight: 50g

067 Austin Taxi

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