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Dublo Dinky 073 Land Rover and Horse Trailer

Dublo Dinky 073 Land Rover and Horse Trailer

Ref: 37484

Good, box Good

Price: 36.00

Green Land Rover with silver bumper, grille and headlights and red rear lights. Black tinplate base incorporating a tow hook. The horse trailer is orange with black plastic opening rear door/ramp and black tinplate base. The trailer contains a light brown plastic horse.

The paintwork on both vehicles is generally excellent, but the grey plastic wheels and trailer mudguards and tow bar have been overpainted with matt black paint. The horse and ramp are present and correct, and the axles are rust free. The box is complete, but has some light ageing/creasing and one of the inner flaps is detached. There is a price label on one face.

Scale: 1:76
Length: 104mm.
Approx Years: 1960 - 1964
Condition: Good, box Good
Shipping Weight: 68g

073 Land Rover and Horse Trailer

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