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ERTL 12017 John Deere 2266 Combine Harvester

ERTL 12017 John Deere 2266 Combine Harvester

Ref: 38326

Reservation limit: 60 days
Mint, packaging Excellent

Price: 65.00

This combine harvester is in the John Deere colours of green, with yellow stripes. The cab has a black frame, detailed brown interior, and an amber light on the roof. The unloader may be folded out, and the removable grain header has a black reel that rotates as the model is pushed along. Wheels are yellow with black tyres.

This example is as new, and has never been removed from the inner packaging. This model is identical to the Britains/ERTL 40423, apart from the outer window box which is John Deere/ERTL branded and has a picture of the harvester in action on the rear. The box is near mint too.

Scale: 1:32
Length: 350mm.
Approx Years: 2001 - 2003
Condition: Mint, packaging Excellent
Shipping Weight: 2039g

12017 John Deere 2266 Combine Harvester

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