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ERTL 1440 Convoy's Rubber Duck Truck

ERTL 1440 Convoy's Rubber Duck Truck

Ref: 36011

NEW ARRIVAL  Trucks of the World
Excellent. Packaging Fair

Price: 55.00

From the 1978 film 'Convoy'. Black Mack tractor unit with white bull bars and chrome exhaust, oil cooler, grille, headlights and 'Rubber Duck' bonnet emblem. The cab has untinted windows and 'R.D. Trucking Inc' labels on the doors. The bonnet/hood tips forward to reveal a chrome plated engine.

The tanker semi trailer has a silver-grey plastic tank with 'Rubber Duck' labels on the sides. The diecast chassis is black, and there is a black plastic ladder at the rear.

This example is in excellent condition, near mint. The themed box has general wear with tears on the front, but the window has no tears in it.

Length: 267mm.
Approx Years: 1978 -
Condition: Excellent. Packaging Fair
Shipping Weight: 359g

1440 Convoy's Rubber Duck Truck

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