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ERTL 1675 Jeep CJ7

ERTL 1675 Jeep CJ7

Ref: 36002

Excellent. Packaging Fair

Price: 18.00

Yellow, with black base and hardtop. Red, orange and yellow stipe labels on the bonnet and sides, with 'Renegade' in red on the bonnet sides. 'Glazed' headlights. Opening bonnet, detailed engine in blue and chrome. Opening doors, black seats, dashboard and steering wheel. Black wheels with chrome centres, including spare.

This model is in near mint condition. The box is rather worn; the clear plastic bubble has been opened, and there are some tape marks around its edge.

Scale: 1:25
Length: 165mm.
Approx Years: c.1976 - c.1985
Condition: Excellent. Packaging Fair
Shipping Weight: 553g

1675 Jeep CJ7

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