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Eligor 1088/N 1934 Ford V8 Tanker 'Nicolas'

Eligor 1088/N 1934 Ford V8 Tanker 'Nicolas'

Ref: 31638

Good. Box Fair

Price: 5.75

As well as the standard version of 1088, a milk tanker in Milkmaid livery, a number of other liveries were commissioned for production by Eligor. This is one of these, in the colours of Nicolas, the famous French wine merchant. In dark green with black chassis and mudguards and black cab interior. Chrome plated grille, lights and front bumper, and unpainted lower engine and front axle carrier. With 'Nicolas' badges on the cab roof and tank sides and rear in red and gold, and vintner logo on the tank sides and cab doors. The wheels are dark green plastic 'wire' spoked with silver hubs and black tyres.

This example has unblemished paintwork. However, one of the rear wheels and the front bumper have been repaired; the model displays very well as the pictures show. The model will be packed very carefully, but there is still a possibility that these parts will need re-gluing on arrival! This model should come with a plastic display case but this is missing; however the outer box is still present and it comes with an unused set of licence plate decals and a 1982 Eligor catalogue.

Scale: 1:43
Length: 113mm.
Approx Years: 1982 -
Condition: Good. Box Fair
Shipping Weight: 222g

1088/N 1934 Ford V8 Tanker 'Nicolas'

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