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Ferrari F40

 Ferrari F40

Ref: 31738

Manufacturer unknown
Poor, Box Good

Price: 1.25

This model is of unknown manufacture, but was imported by Products Plus (London) Ltd and was probably made in China. In red with light beige interior, clear windows and black base. The rear panel is 'glazed' with an amber tint. The wheels are silver with black tyres. The doors open and a lever underneath raises and lowers the retractable headlights. The model is fitted with a pull-back-and-go motor.

This one has some paint chipping mainly to the front and roof, and has lost its rear wing and its steering wheel. The rear tyres have started to degrade. The window box is in good condition, with a slightly faded header card.

Length: 112mm.
Approx Years: 1980s -
Condition: Poor, Box Good
Shipping Weight: 165g

Ferrari F40

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