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French Dinky 33-C Simca Glazier's Truck

French Dinky 33-C Simca Glazier's Truck

Ref: 28188

Miroitier Simca 'Cargo'
Excellent, box Poor

Price: 84.00

This unusual model is in yellow with green load bed, and silver grille and bumper. The baseplate is black tinplate. The rear 'A' frame has an advertising sign on top with 'SAINT GOBAIN' on one site and 'MIROITIER' on the other in red. The load consists of 2 plastic glazing sheets. The wheels have yellow ridged hubs and smooth, black tyres. There is also a spare tyre under the rear, held on by a screw, and with a silver concave hub.

This example is in excellent original condition with only a few tiny marks and complete with plastic sheet load. The tyres are original and in excellent condition too. The box is the earliest type with the 33C number only (this model was renumbered to 579 in 1959) and 'Miroitier' in French only. Unfortunately one end flap is missing and a slot has been cut in one side - it looks as though somebody has used it as a money box!

Scale: 1:55
Length: 128mm.
Approx Years: 1955 - 1961
Condition: Excellent, box Poor
Shipping Weight: 235g

33-C Simca Glazier's Truck

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