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French Dinky 33-C Simca Glazier's Truck

French Dinky 33-C Simca Glazier's Truck

Ref: 32174

Miroitier Simca 'Cargo'
Excellent, Box Good

Price: 98.00


This unusual model was one of a number of French Dinky Toys that were also marketed in the UK for a time. It is in yellow with green load bed, and silver grille and bumper. The baseplate is black tinplate. The yellow rear 'A' frame carries a load consisting of 1 clear plastic glazing sheets and 1 mirror. The wheels have yellow ridged hubs and smooth, black tyres. There is also a spare tyre under the rear, held on by a screw, and with a silver concave hub.

This example is unplayed-with, with just a slight box rub on one front mudguard. There is no lettering on the sign along the top of the A-frame; this may be a factory error, or a deliberate omission for the UK market. The tyres are excellent and the model is complete with the leaflet advising the purchaser to remove the protective film from the mirror. In fact the film is still mainly on the mirror, and there are a few surface marks.

The box is the early type with the 33C number only (this model was renumbered to 579 in 1959) and 'Miroitier' in French only. It is in very good condition, with some ageing and tears in two of the inner flaps.

Scale: 1:55
Length: 128mm.
Approx Years: 1959 - 1961
Model Condition: Excellent, Box Good
Shipping Weight: 235g

33-C Simca Glazier's Truck

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