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French Dinky 502 Individual Garage

French Dinky 502 Individual Garage

Ref: 39509

Good, box Poor

Price: 20.00

This garage was simply referred to as 'Box' in the French Dinky range. Light blue with grey door and floor/ramp, with brick effect on the sides of the base. The opening door and tilting floor/ramp are activated by pressing the 'chimney', enabling a Dinky car to enter and exit 'automatically'.

This one is in good-to-excellent condition and is in working order. The plastic number 59 is fitted above the door. Supplied with instruction sheet, and in its original box which has largely disintegrated; various pieces of the end flaps included!

Length: 270mm.
Approx Years: 1959 - 1966
Condition: Good, box Poor
Shipping Weight: 275g

502 Individual Garage

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