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French Dinky 562H Citroën 2CV Van 'Wegenwacht'

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French Dinky 562H Citron 2CV Van 'Wegenwacht'

Ref: 27936

Rare item
Good, Box Good

Price: 340.00

Made by Dinky France for export to the Netherlands, this 2CV van is in the livery of Wegenwacht, a road rescue service similar to the British AA. The model has silver trim to the bumper, grille and headlights, red rear lights and a black gloss painted base with '25D'. The rear door opens and the cab doors have Wegenwacht decals. The wheels are the typical French Dinky concave type with smooth black tyres.

In very good condition, played-with but only a few small paint chips and with undamaged decals. The box is original and complete, although showing signs of age and with a surface tear on one end flap, probably where a price tag has been removed. This is the later type of box with Wegenwacht printed on the end flaps.

A scarce item and highly collectable!

Length: 130mm.
Approx Years: 1965 - 1968
Condition: Good, Box Good
Shipping Weight: 170g

562H Citron 2CV Van 'Wegenwacht'

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