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French Dinky 887 Unic Articulated Aircraft Fuel Tanker

French Dinky 887 Unic Articulated Aircraft Fuel Tanker

Ref: 37248

Good, box Good

Price: 105.00

This fine model consists of a Unic tractor unit with a two-axle tanker semi trailer, all in BP livery of white, green and yellow. The trailer has 'AIR BP' logos on the sides, and a stand which drops down automatically when the trailer is uncoupled. The cab has a silver grille, black interior and white steering wheel, and is equipped with working headlights. These are powered by an AA battery, and switched on and off by rotating the spare wheel.

Another unusual feature is the plastic tank, which may be filled with water (or other liquid!) via two caps on the top, and emptied via a nozzle on the underside. Six grey plastic hose sections are stowed along the tanker sides, and these may be linked together and attached to the nozzle.

The model comes in a lidded Supertoys box, illustrated with a night-time scene of the tanker about to re-fuel an Air France Caravelle.

This example is good-to-excellent with light play wear only. The headlights still work and all six hose sections are present. There is some surface rust on the trailer axles. The box is good; the lid has some ageing but no splits.

Scale: 1:43
Length: 300mm.
Approx Years: 1963 - 1971
Condition: Good, box Good
Shipping Weight: 855g

887 Unic Articulated Aircraft Fuel Tanker

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