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Husky 27a Bedford Skip Lorry

 Husky 27a Bedford Skip Lorry

Ref: 32857

US issue
Mint, Box Good

Price: 28.50

Orange body, unpainted metal skip, silver plated base. This is an early Husky with grey plastic wheels.

This model has a nice operating skip arm which can load or off-load the skip. If you press down on the rear suspension and operate the arm, the skip tips to be emptied. Simple but effective, giving this model lots of play value.

This example is still sealed in its blister pack and is therefore in mint condition. The backing card is rather worn around the edges. This one is an export issue, originally sold in the United States, and has a 39c price printed on the header card.

Length: 72mm.
Approx Years: 1967 - 1967
Condition: Mint, Box Good
Shipping Weight: 50g

Husky 27a Bedford Skip Lorry

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