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Ichiko Chevrolet State Police Car

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 Ichiko Chevrolet State Police Car

Ref: 25039

Excellent, Packaging Fair

Price: 62.00

This lovely old tinplate Chevrolet police patrol car was made by Ichiko of Japan. In black and white with off-white roof, with red and yellow 'State Police' badges on the doors and boot (trunk). The interior has printed detail including red, white and blue patterned seats. The base is matt black and the wheels are plastic with patterned silver hubs and whitewall tyres. The model is equipped with a friction motor, and a roof light that oscillates from side to side as the car moves along.

In excellent condition, and in its original box which has some red pen marks on the top and has suffered some crushing. Please note that the roof light has to be removed to fit the model in the box: it simply pushes back on.

Length: 205mm.
Approx Years: 1960s -
Condition: Excellent, Packaging Fair
Shipping Weight: 300g

Ichiko Chevrolet State Police Car

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