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Joal 213 Caterpillar 955-L Traxcavator

Joal 213 Caterpillar 955-L Traxcavator

Ref: 37792

Compact series
Reservation limit: 60 days
Mint, box Excellent

Price: 20.00

A well-detailed model in deep yellow with matching rubber tracks and rollers. With silver metal exhaust and oil cooler, and black lights and grille. 'CATERPILLAR 955 TRAXCAVATOR' on the rear and 'CATERPILLAR' on the front, and '955L' badge on one side. The cab has a black seat and blue tinted windows. The shovel can be raised/lowered and tilted, held in place by 'hydraulic' rams, and the ripper at the rear may be raised/lowered.

Mint, in a near mint window box

Scale: 1:70
Length: 135mm.
Approx Years: 1988 -
Condition: Mint, box Excellent
Shipping Weight: 317g

213 Caterpillar 955-L Traxcavator

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