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Johillco 646 Fire Engine

Johillco 646 Fire Engine

Ref: 29264

Excellent. Box Good

Price: 225.00

This charming little model is full of detail and has a great 'period' feel. Finished in red, with black radiator grille and gold headlights, and crewed by 6 firefighters with black uniforms and gold helmets. At the rear there is an operating winch which raises and lowers the separate cast metal ladder which rests on wire supports. At the front is a brass - or at least brass coloured - bell, suspended from a wire standard. The wheels are red metal on crimped axles, and with white rubber tyres.

In excellent played-with condition, complete with all six firemen and with the delicate ladder intact. The winch string has probably been replaced at some point. There are paint chips here and there, most noticeably on top of the radiator, but overall the model looks fine on display. The tyres appear original and have flattened a little at the bottom; they would benefit from careful cleaning. The model comes in its original brown card box, on the lid of which the fire engine is illustrated in red. There are a few pinholes in the sides and top, but it is still good-to-excellent.

Length excludes ladder.

Length: 92mm.
Approx Years: c1930s -
Condition: Excellent. Box Good
Shipping Weight: 276g

646 Fire Engine

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