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Kenner 39300 R2-D2

Kenner 39300 R2-D2

Ref: 38338

Star Wars
Reservation limit: 60 days
Excellent, unboxed

Price: 28.00

Released to coincide with the first Star Wars film, this highly collectable model of R2-D2 is in white, with wrap-around decorative label and movable legs. The chrome 'dome' has metallic blue panels, and makes a clicking sound when it is rotated. It incorporates an extendable blue plastic 'Sensorscope'.

This example is excellent, with only slight wear to the edges of the label.

Height: 58mm.
Approx Years: 1977 - 1983
Condition: Excellent, unboxed
Shipping Weight: 46g

39300 R2-D2

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