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Lesney Coronation Coach, large

Lesney Coronation Coach, large

Ref: 37767

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Good, box Good

Price: 95.00

This model was originally launched in 1950 as a State Coach, containing figures of the King and Queen, to celebrate the forthcoming 1951 Festival of Britain. However, the outbreak of the Korean war and consequent banning of zinc for the manufacture of toys, led to the model being quickly withdrawn. It was resurrected as a Coronation Coach for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. Around 300 were produced until it was realised that the model still contained both King and Queen figures; it was quickly modified by removing the King, although traces of his legs remained!

The coach is gold, including the cast spoked wheels, with articulated front axle. It is pulled by 4 pairs of lead horses, with each pair with one outrider; manufacture of the horses was contracted out to Benbros. The horses are attached to a pale grey drawbar and linked on each side by a gold chain, all hooked to the front of the coach.

This one is in good condition. Some of the horses' legs have lost some paint and are somewhat bent, and one of the rear pair has lost the lower part of one hind leg; it is on the inside, so is not too obvious. Also, on of the front legs of the leading mounted horse is very weak at the knee and will almost certainly need re-attaching on arrival.

The model comes in a red lidded box with illustrated label; the box was not quite deep enough to accommodate the model, so as usual there is a puncture in the lid where the decoration on the coach roof has poked through. Somebody has helpfully written 1953 on it, just in case there was any doubt about when the coronation was! Apart from that there is general age wear and fading, but no splits.

Length: 386mm.
Approx Years: 1953 -
Condition: Good, box Good
Shipping Weight: 789g

Coronation Coach, large

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