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Lincoln International Stingray, Remote Control

Lincoln International Stingray, Remote Control

Ref: 31307

Good, Box Good

Price: 240.00


The predecessor of Thunderbirds, Gerry Anderson's Stingray TV series was originally broadcast during 1964/5. The star of the show was this Stingray submarine, piloted by Captain Troy Tempest on behalf of the World Aquanaut Security Patrol.

Of the Stingray toys produced at the time, the large-scale Lincoln International model was perhaps the truest replica of the original, its plastic body capturing the shape and colours very well: dark blue, light blue, yellow and grey, with a red rear propeller. The silver-grey periscope on top may be pulled up and down.

The model - which is designed for use on dry land only, please note - is driven by an electric motor powered by three type C batteries in the wired handset. Two buttons on the handset control the Forward and Reverse/Turn functions, and the propeller rotates as the model moves along. Another button sounds the 'Asdic Buzzer' (ASDIC was a term used by the British Navy's Anti-Submarine Division during the development of underwater detection technology). A switch on the handset illuminates the cabin and propeller. As well as these functions, the handset also contains a whistle and siren.

This example is generally in excellent condition; all the battery-powerd operating features have been tested and work very well. However, two small side fins are missing, although the tail fins are present and correct. Reproduction replacements are available at the time of writing from www.toyreplicas.com. The box is original and in reasonably good condition with light wear and slight crushing to the lid, which is very nicely illustrated and with the official 'Supermarionation' and Stingray logos. There should be a couple of additional cardboard packing pieces and an instruction sheet in the box; again, reproductions are available.

A good opportunity to obtain this scarce and desirable item; mint ones can sell for twice this amount!

Batteries not included.

Length: 315mm.
Approx Years: 1964 -
Condition: Good, Box Good
Shipping Weight: 670g

Stingray, Remote Control

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