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Lledo Days Gone DG001 Horse Drawn Tram

Lledo Days Gone DG001 Horse Drawn Tram

Ref: 32737

Mint, Box Good

Price: 3.50


This attractive little model is green with light grey roof, cream roof supports and red-brown seats. City crests in white on each end, and 'Westminster' on the roof sides in green and red. It is pulled by a brown plastic horse in gold-coloured metal shafts, and runs on four cream plastic flanged wheels.

In mint condition, and complete with five plastic passenger figures, still attached to their runner. The box is good with light crushing and creasing.

Length: 121mm.
Approx Years: c1983 -
Condition: Mint, Box Good
Shipping Weight: 149g

DG001 Horse Drawn Tram

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