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Lledo Days Gone DG018 1936 Packard Van 'FotoRama'

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Lledo Days Gone DG018 1936 Packard Van 'FotoRama'

Ref: 34827

Mint, Box Excellent

Price: 2.00

Metallic silver body with blue chassis, wings and roof. Black base and silver plated bumper, grille and headlights. 'FotoRama' logo on the sides in blue, red and yellow with 'A World of Colour' below and red 'F' logo on the cab doors. Wheels are blue with cream tyres, including the two spares.

Mint in a very good box, slight fading on one end flap.

Length: 90mm.
Approx Years: 1988 -
Condition: Mint, Box Excellent
Shipping Weight: 140g

DG018 1936 Packard Van 'FotoRama'

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