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Lledo Days Gone DG197 Austin A35 Van 'Hoover'

Lledo Days Gone DG197 Austin A35 Van 'Hoover'

Ref: 39112

Mint, box Excellent

Price: 3.75

Brick red, white roof, pearly grey base and bumpers. Chrome headlights, black interior. 'HOOVER SERVICE' on the sides with Hoover logo, red on a white background. Silver-grey wheels with black tyres.

This model was included with issue 65 of the Hachette 'Classic Trucks & Vans' magazine series. It is in mint condition and comes in its original clear rigid plastic packaging.

Scale: 1:43
Length: 81mm.
Approx Years: c.2004 -
Condition: Mint, box Excellent
Shipping Weight: 160g

DG197 Austin A35 Van 'Hoover'

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