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Lledo Set of 4 Vehicles 'Dandy & Beano'

Lledo Set of 4 Vehicles 'Dandy & Beano'

Ref: 33132

Mint, Box Mint

Price: 18.00

This Lledo set of individually-boxed models was an on-pack promotion by Princes Food. It consists of the following vehicles that celebrate the Dandy and Beano comics:

VP12 Volkswagen Beetle.
Yellow with black wings. 'Minnie the Minx' print.

LP44 Scammell 6-wheel Truck .
Green, black chassis, white roof. 'Desperate Dan' print.

LP58 Morris Z Van.
Red, black chassis and roof. 'Gnasher' print.

LP63 1950 Bedford Delivery Van.
Red, black chassis. 'Dennis the Menace/' print.

The models are in mint condition and in their original Princes promotional boxes, which are mint also. They are packed in their original mail order box, which is rather tatty but has done its job keeping the contents safe!

Length of longest model: 109mm.
Approx Years: c1990 -
Condition: Mint, Box Mint
Shipping Weight: 677g

Set of 4 Vehicles 'Dandy & Beano'

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