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Lone Star 1292 Extending Crane Truck

Lone Star 1292 Extending Crane Truck

Ref: 36004

RESERVED UNTIL 27/04/20  Super Roadmasters
Good. Box Fair

Price: 9.75

Metallic blue truck with white plastic lower body and base, black plastic fittings and silver plated exhaust, and smoked windows. 'Lone Star GB' label on one side. Blue twin-axle flat bed trailer which may be decoupled, and has drop-down jockey wheels. On the trailed is mounted an orange metal and black plastic crane which may be raised and lowered by means of a side lever, supported by two 'hydraulic' rams. The telescopic boom may be extended, and the whole crane can be swivelled. 'HH Heavy Haulage Co' label on one side of the jib.

This model is in very good condition; the flatbed has one paint chip and is somewhat bent. The box has lost its inner lining and window.

Length: 278mm.
Approx Years: 1980 - 1986
Condition: Good. Box Fair
Shipping Weight: 575g

1292 Extending Crane Truck

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