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Maisto 90036 Mercedes-Benz 500 SL

Maisto 90036 Mercedes-Benz 500 SL

Ref: 33562

Sportscar Collection
Mint, box Fair

Price: 4.75

Metallic maroon with pale beige-cream interior with black steering wheel. Opening doors and tipping seat backs. Silver plated grille.' Glazed' front and rear lights, clear and amber at the front and amber at the back. '500SL' number plates. The rear axle is fitted with a pull-back motor. Black wheels with silver detailed centres.

In mint condition, this model is in a fair-to-good window box which has some crumpling.

Scale: 1:36
Length: 113mm.
Approx Years: 1990s -
Condition: Mint, box Fair
Shipping Weight: 255g

90036 Mercedes-Benz 500 SL

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