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Majorette 221 Bertone Citroen GS Camargue

Majorette 221 Bertone Citroen GS Camargue

Ref: 35780

Excellent, Unboxed

Price: 6.00

This Bertone concept car based on the Citroën GS was presented at the 1972 Geneva Motor Show. The model is typical of Majorette's clever use of 'sandwiched' metal and plastic components in their models. The blue upper body, white interior, clear glazing unit and unpainted silver metal base all fit together to provide a white mid stripe and rear panel, and 'glazed' headlights. With opening rear window and 'RACING' tampo print on the sides. The wheels have a silver 3-spoke design and suspension.

In excellent condition; there is one small chip on the roof and another on the rear edge.

Scale: 1:55
Length: 76mm.
Approx Years: 1974 - 1981
Condition: Excellent, Unboxed
Shipping Weight: 50g

221 Bertone Citroen GS Camargue

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