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Majorette 234 Ford Econoline Van 'I-Line'

Majorette 234 Ford Econoline Van 'I-Line'

Ref: 36386

Mint, box Good

Price: 8.00

White, with red interior, grille, wheel arches/sill, and rear doors. Unpainted silver metal base, bumpers and headlights. Yellow tinted windows. Opening rear doors. Tow hook. 'I-Line Distribution Boards' wording and logos on both sides in blue and yellow. Wheels have silver 6-spoke hubs.

In mint condition; the rear doors are still joined together and may be separated with a sharp knife. The clear plastic box has discoloured with age.

Scale: 1:65
Length: 77mm.
Approx Years: 1982 - 1994
Condition: Mint, box Good
Shipping Weight: 65g

234 Ford Econoline Van 'I-Line'

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