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Mamod MSS Side Tank Locomotive

Mamod MSS Side Tank Locomotive

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Good, box Fair

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This O gauge live steam locomotive was made by MSS, who since the early 1990s have produced locomotives based on the early Mamod designs. The model represents a narrow gauge 0-4-0 side tank engine, and is finished in dark blue and satin black with brass fittings and gold pinstriping and lettering. It is driven by a pair of double acting, oscillating cylinders connected to a rotary reversing valve operated by a lever at the front. The rear panel of the cab is removable, allowing access to the boiler sight glass and solid fuel tray.

This example is in very good used condition. Note that there is no whistle operating lever. The model comes in a non-standard box, so there are no original instructions or filler funnel, but a copy of the Mamod SL1 instructions is included.

Please note that this item is offered for delivery in the UK only.

Length: 218mm.
Approx Years: 1990s -
Condition: Good, box Fair
Shipping Weight: 1259g

MSS Side Tank Locomotive

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