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Mamod TE1a Traction Engine

Mamod TE1a Traction Engine

Ref: 38020

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Good, box Fair

Price: 75.00

This classic live steam model traction engine with full-length canopy was a development of the TE1 model, the main difference being the addition of a reversing lever, and it has 'TE1A' on the smoke box door. It is finished in green, black and silver, with a cream roof and red wheels with bare metal treads. The model is self-propelled, via a drive band connecting the flywheel to one of the rear wheels. The drive band can be removed so that the engine can be used as a static engine to drive external tools too. It is also equipped with a steam whistle. The front axle is articulated and steerable via a vertical axle that passes up the chimney, to which a manual steering rod may be attached. The canopy has 'MAMOD STEAM TRACTOR' on the sides in gold lettering on a red background, and can be folded back to allow filling of the boiler with water.

The fuel source for this model is methylated spirit, which is contained in the spirit lamp which is attached to the removable scuttle. Note that liquid fuel for steam models was outlawed from 1977 for safety reasons, so later versions used solid fuel tablets which.

This example is in good-to-excellent complete condition, and although untested, appears to be in working order. There are some small dents in the roof and a little surface rust around the overflow plug. The steering rod and spirit lamp are still present, and the only thing missing is the small plastic funnel for filling the boiler; but any small plastic funnel will do!

The box is fairly well worn, but still has instructions on the back and general hints on the underside.

This model does not conform to modern toy safety standards and must not be used by children without adult supervision.

Length: 257mm.
Approx Years: 1967 - 1976
Condition: Good, box Fair
Shipping Weight: 1890g

TE1a Traction Engine

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