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Matchbox 11a ERF Petrol Tanker

Matchbox 11a ERF Petrol Tanker

Ref: 31764

Excellent. Box Poor

Price: 38.50

Yellow with silver trim, this is the casting version without a brace between cab and tank. The wheels are grey metal on crimped axles.

This little petrol tanker has a few small chips on raised edges but the paintwork is nevertheless shiny. The axles are rust-free. The type B1 box has some creasing and has lost all the flaps from one end.

The box is original but faded and missing all but one flap. The original price of 1/6 (one shilling and sixpence) is written in pencil on one face.

Scale: 1:125
Length: 50mm.
Approx Years: 1955 - 1958
Condition: Excellent. Box Poor
Shipping Weight: 50g

11a ERF Petrol Tanker

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