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Matchbox 14c Bedford Lomas Ambulance

Matchbox 14c Bedford Lomas Ambulance

Ref: 35459

Scarcer variant
Fair, unboxed

Price: 26.00

Off-white with silver grille, beige interior and black base. Red Cross and 'LCC Ambulance' decals on the sides. This is one of the scarcer versions, with silver plastic wheels and location marks for a red cross cast into the roof. The cross was only applied to early issues, but the location marks were not removed from the roof until some time later.

Some heavy chipping to the front of the cab roof, lighter wear elsewhere. The decals are almost completely intact, as are the opening rear doors. There is some rust on the axles.

Scale: 1:81
Length: 67mm.
Approx Years: 1962 - 1968
Condition: Fair, unboxed
Shipping Weight: 50g

14c Bedford Lomas Ambulance

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