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Matchbox MB15 Volkswagen 1500

Matchbox MB15 Volkswagen 1500

Ref: 39789

Fair, unboxed

Price: 3.75

Off-white, cream interior, unpainted metal base, headlights and bumpers. Tow hook. '137' racing number labels on the doors. Narrow Superfast wheels with silver hub detailing and suspension. '137' racing number labels on the sides, and 'Monte Carlo' decal on the front.

This example has heavy paint chipping on the wings and edges of the roof. The labels are worn and the front axle is bent. The tow hook is intact.

Length: 68mm.
Approx Years: 1969 - 1970
Condition: Fair, unboxed
Shipping Weight: 50g

MB15 Volkswagen 1500

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