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Matchbox 16b Super Atlantic Trailer

Matchbox 16b Super Atlantic Trailer

Ref: 31439

Good. Box Fair

Price: 43.00

This model is designed for use with the 15b Rotinoff Super Atlantic Tractor. This is a scarcer early example, finished in the same light tan colour as its predecessor, 16a Transporter Trailer. Later ones were orange to match the tractor. Fitted with matching drawbar and 8 grey plastic wheels.

This one is in good-to-excellent condition with some paint loss from the drawbar and a few micro chips elsewhere. The first issue type B3 box still has an illustration of the earlier 16a trailer; this one is only in fair condition as one end flap is held on with tape and the other is on the verge of coming off.

Scale: 1:138
Length: 80mm.
Approx Years: 1960 - 1963
Condition: Good. Box Fair
Shipping Weight: 50g

16b Super Atlantic Trailer

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