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Matchbox MB17 Londoner Bus 'Berger Paints'

Matchbox MB17 Londoner Bus 'Berger Paints'

Ref: 34492

Good, box Poor

Price: 4.00

Red, with white interior and gloss black metal base. Wide Superfast wheels and 'Berger Paints' adverts with brush motif to the rear,

This model is in good-to-excellent condition with a few chips and rubs around the front and rear corners of the lower deck. The box is poor, with no flaps at one end and the other end taped closed.

Length: 76mm.
Approx Years: 1973 - 1980
Condition: Good, box Poor
Shipping Weight: 73g

MB17 Londoner Bus 'Berger Paints'

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