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Matchbox MB18 Field Car

Matchbox MB18 Field Car

Ref: 33897

Excellent, Box Excellent

Price: 18.00

The Matchbox Field Car had a long production run, from 1969 until 1983 (after 1975 appearing mainly in twin packs), and has many variations. This is one of the early Superfast releases, in the 'Regular Wheel' colour of yellow, with white interior, orangey-brown roof and unpainted metal base and grille. The model has a spare tyre, tow hook, narrow 4-spoke Superfast wheels and suspension.

In very near mint condition; there are a couple of small areas of 'flash' on the casting. The box is near mint too, with just a tiny rub on one front corner. The box is excellent, with a few small surface marks and some crushing to one plain side.

Length: 69mm.
Approx Years: 1970 - 1975
Condition: Excellent, Box Excellent
Shipping Weight: 50g

MB18 Field Car

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