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Matchbox MB20 Police Patrol Range Rover 'Paris-Dakar'

Matchbox MB20 Police Patrol Range Rover 'Paris-Dakar'

Ref: 35496

RESERVED UNTIL 20/04/20  Rola-Matics
Mint. Box Excellent

Price: 23.50

Light tan, black base, bumpers and grille, unpainted base. Frosted windows, red roof light that rotates as the model is pushed along. Side labels have 'SECURITE-RALLYE PARIS-DAKAR 83' in black lettering on a yellow background, above black and white chequers. 'SECURITE' in black on the bonnet. The wheels have a silver 'Maltese cross' pattern.

This model is still sealed in its blister pack, so is in unplayed-with condition. There are one or two small manufacturing marks/rubs. The backing card has a little wear around the edges, but is otherwise excellent.

Length: 72mm.
Approx Years: 1983 - 1983
Condition: Mint. Box Excellent
Shipping Weight: 55g

MB20 Police Patrol Range Rover 'Paris-Dakar'

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