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Matchbox MB21 Foden Concrete Truck

Matchbox MB21 Foden Concrete Truck

Ref: 38708

Reservation limit: 60 days
Good, unboxed

Price: 10.25

This satisfyingly substantial model has a yellow cab, red chassis and chute, orange plastic barrel and sea green plastic base. The windows are green tinted. The barrel may be turned by hand, but unlike the earlier 'regular wheel' version does not rotate as the model is pushed along. Wheels are narrow Superfast with silver 5-spoke design.

This one is good condition, with light pant rubbing/chipping around the edges of the body and the front of the cab.

Scale: 1:89
Length: 75mm.
Approx Years: 1970 - 1973
Condition: Good, unboxed
Shipping Weight: 55g

MB21 Foden Concrete Truck

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