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Matchbox 25d Ford Cortina GT MKII

Matchbox 25d Ford Cortina GT MKII

Ref: 32600

Good, Box Good
Price: 12.25

Metallic brown with cream interior and silver metal base/grille. Opening doors and tow hook. Black plastic wheels with 'Autosteer'.

This model is generally in excellent condition, with unmarked paintwork. There is however a dent in the sill of the driver's door. The type E4 box is also very good with some wear to the edges of the end flaps. The price of 2/3 (two shillings and threepence) is written in pencil on one face.

Scale: 1:62
Length: 71mm.
Approx Years: 1968 - 1970
Model Condition: Good, Box Good
Shipping Weight: 50g

25d Ford Cortina GT MKII

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