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Matchbox MB25 Audi Quattro

Matchbox MB25 Audi Quattro

Ref: 38712

Excellent, box Fair

Price: 7.00

White, black gloss metal base. Black plastic grille, interior and rear spoiler. Orange and brown stripe print with 'Audi' on the bonnet, '20' on the roof, and 'Audi Sport' on the sides. Light amber tinted windows and headlights. The wheels have a silver '5 arch' pattern. Macau casting.

Generally excellent, just a little paint loss from the B pillar on the driver's side. The box is open at one end and has some tape marks and general wear and creasing.

Scale: 1:58
Length: 78mm.
Approx Years: 1983 - 1987
Condition: Excellent, box Fair
Shipping Weight: 55g

MB25 Audi Quattro

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