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Matchbox MB28 Lincoln Continental MK V

Matchbox MB28 Lincoln Continental MK V

Ref: 34083

Bulgarian issue
Mint, Box Fair

Price: 13.50

In 1983 an agreement was made for a limited range Matchbox models to be produced in Bulgaria. These were re-issues of older models; the moulds were supplied on a yearly lease and certain parts including wheels were supplied by Matchbox.

The Lincoln Continental was added to the range in 1988, and appeared in a wide range of colours. This one is in a rather nice dark metallic blue, with white interior, black roof and untinted windows. The base, grille and bumpers are pearly silver; 'Made in Bulgaria' is cast into the base. The wheels are black with chrome 'dot-dash' pattern.

This one is in mint condition and with its original packaging, which has been opened but is complete. There is some light wear to the backing card and the 'blister' is completely detached. A price is written on the front.

Made In Bulgaria on base.

Length: 78mm.
Approx Years: 1988 -
Condition: Mint, Box Fair
Shipping Weight: 50g

MB28 Lincoln Continental MK V

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